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If you think that you have a gas leak, can smell gas, or think that you or any of your family are suffering ill effects caused by fumes from a gas appliance, you should take the following actions:

If there is a strong smell of GAS, take the following precautions IMMEDIATELY:-

Put out any cigarettes, don’t light any naked flames (lighters/matches) and switch off electric fires

Check that all cooker knobs are turned off

Check if a pilot light has gone out on a cooker or boiler

If there is a leak turn off the pilot light if you can

Turn off the gas meter control level - located to the side of your gas meter where the supply comes in

Do not operate electrical switches or doorbells - either on or off

Do not switch on or off any lights/sockets or appliances

Open all windows and doors to air your home

Do not use your telephone or mobile telephone. It is possible that either one could cause a spark and ignite any gas in the area

Leave your house / flat

Ring TRANSCO – Freephone 0800 111 999

Gas or Fumes

Gas Emergency

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